Bunny Warren Showcase

The Bunny Warren Showcase is a series of free, small and intimate bi-monthly musical events that take place every other month at Wanch (54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai). Through these showcases we hope to dig deeper into the Hong Kong indie community and add more dimension to Hong Kong’s indie music.

If you are interested in performing at one of our showcases, please message us with more information on our Facebook page.

Upcoming show – 26th BUNNY WARREN SHOWCASE


Date: Thursday 1 August 2013
Time: 9:30pm
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We have no idea why we have such good luck that new and great bands always play our showcase!

Line Up:
– Kevin Kaho Tsui
– The BenefactOR
– Say You Care
– If Time Reversed

=== Kevin Kaho Tsui

Born in Hong Kong and raised in UK, he started his music journey back in his home soil after completing his University degree in Art History.

Influenced by young British and American YouTube musicians, he started his own online channel in early 2010 and began posting covers of songs from his favourite artists and bands. After a few months the number of his followers grew and he began composing music and writing lyrics for his own songs. All of Kevin’s original songs are represented in his own self-direct, filmed, edited & produced music videos. There are more than 2,000,000 views from the videos on Kevin’s YouTube Channel.

As well as bedroom music, Kevin began playing live shows in venues such as The Wanch, Fringe Club, Backstage Restaurant & various shopping malls etc. He has also started playing live music in streets of Hong Kong, in search of the performing experience of playing live in front of a wider unknown audience.

In 2011 Kevin was in the selected to be in the final of ‘Brand New Star’ Contest, hosted by G.E.M s label Hummingbird Music. He was chosen to record backing vocals for one of G.E.M’s track in her album of the same year.
In 2012, Kevin competed in a WARNER MUSIC HONG KONG contest and became the winner. The prize was to have a music video shot in the tunnel (Kevin’s street performance spot) with artist Shiga Lin.
In August 2012, Kevin was also the winner for the PIZZA EXPRESS HONG KONG ‘I Love London’ Contest with his original song ‘I Love London’. He was later sent to London to meet the PIZZA EXPRESS UK Team.


=== The BenefactOR

Hugely indebted to the Beatles’ melodicism and echoing 60s British invasion and psychedelic influences, the Benefactor’s songs are stylistically eclectic.

The story started out in the winter of 2012, when singer-songwriter Winston Or began to record his songs as demos.

Friends who went to the same secondary school joined in May 2013, making the Benefactor a fully-fledged band. Co-vocalist and guitarist Jesper Mok also contributed songs, whilst bassist Fung Yu and one-time-retired legendary drummer CTO formed the rhythm section. Rehearsals have thus begun in earnest to prepare the band for playing its first gigs. In June, classically trained violinst Eliza joined to put the compositions under classical scrutiny, as well as contributing beautiful harmonies to the numbers.


=== Say You Care

Bittersweet indie power pop.


=== If Time Reversed

So new we have no idea …