22nd Bunny Warren Showcase


Date: Thursday 6 December 2012
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:


LOVEFACE is a local alternative rock trio. The musical approach combines different kinds of music from grunge, post-rock, jazz or whatever sounds good to the band. The band itself kicked off in 2008 summer.

音樂是發自內心的語言。每個人都有不同的經歷和想法,尤其在這個複雜多變的國度,我們試著用我們自己的一套「語言」去表達心中所想。我們的語言叫另類搖滾。在 2008 年開始,嘗試過不同的組合,經過散散聚聚,終於組成現在的LOVEFACE。

Jackson – Guitarist, Vocalist
Wilson, Fung – Bassist, Vocalist, Keyboardist
Josh, LS – Drummer

Fantastic Day

Conceived in a chance meeting at a Primal Scream Concert in HK, baptised after a Haircut 100 song, FantasticDay is a local-not-so-local Guitar-pop band, made up of boyish-but-not-exactly-boy members: Dee (vocal, keyboard), Chai Wai (guitar), Simon (drum), Halo (bass) and Sherman (vocal, guitar).

Sharing a mutual love for British pop music, in particular, the Madchester indie scene from the early 90s and classic C-86 jangle pop, the members also draw in influence, music or otherwise, from their diverse backgrounds: Singapore, Yuen Long, Indonesia, Edinburgh, and Tseung Kwan O. From Duran Duran to gardo gardo, from Dexys Midnight Runners to Barbra Streisand . The boys are into role-play, fast-food, drugs (those bought off the shelf), and last but not least, having a good time while playing and sharing their music.

First appeared in Hong Kong indie scene in 2004, released single album “Well Well Well ep” under label “Cloudberry Records” in 2007. 4 years of hibernation and one new member after, the new and improved FantasticDay is ready to rock.

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