20th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: August 2 2012 Thursday
Time: 9:30pm
Location: The Wanch, 54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Admission: Free

Line Up:

-D’in Cheung



成員包括 Sogun(vocal), Alex(guitar),肥仔(Bass),小白(drums)。
「草,魚,禾」三字帶有大自然的感覺, 配合pop , Jazz 各種音樂元素, 風格簡單自然,

草魚禾(Weed) is a four – piece of music addicts formed in 2005.
Our member included Sogun on vocal, Alex on guitar, Fat Boy on bass
and Hubert on Drums.
We play personal , jazz , breezy tunes music that hope all of you will enjoy.
Support us and We Love you.



Fad is formed since 2006, when the members met each other in a band competition. After a few line-up changes, Fad is now a combination of vocalist Sky, guitarist Sammy, bassist Carina, keyboardist Shireen and drummer Baller.

Their music has no concrete definition, but they are somehow influenced by British music. Each of them influenced by a variety of music styles, including music from Hong Kong Independent scene, China, Taiwan, Japan, and UK etc., which brings some special chemistry to their music.

Fad says, “We are just ordinary young people, working like ants during the day and chasing our dreams at night. Time flies, soon we will not be young anymore, and we hope to do something we would be proud of when we look back as grandmas and grandpas.

We love to feel, feel the music, and feel life. Work hard, and play harder!”

Fad’s music: British. Faddish. Alternative. Naive. Taste like a cream tea, bittersweet but not a symphony.

Fad成立於2006年,大家於一個樂隊比賽中認識。經過多次重組,FAD 的成員現有Sky (主唱及結他)、Sammy (結他)、Carina (低音結他)、Shireen (鍵琴及和唱) 和 Baller (鼓)。




Fad的音樂: 英式、時髦、另類、天真,苦樂參半,簡單而令人回味

Find more about Fad on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fad.band


D’in Cheung

A man continuously changing his sound, to fit into his life. A man who uses music to purely express himself
D’in Cheung was born in Singapore and spent most of his life living in Hong Kong and his home city. He studied in Australia. He has played many genres of music from Pop, Rock, Metal , Funk to Electronic. D’in is not a technical musician, but his music sense and touch are unique and his melodies sincere enough to catch many audience attentions .

D’in picked up the guitar when he was 18. He continued to pursue his dream and moved to Hong Kong for its bigger music scene. In Hong Kong, he had performed at many levels, from small live houses to one of the biggest stages, during the Hong Kong Anime convention event.

D’in continues to move forward for new projects. He passed his London Trinity Guildhall Guitar Grade 8 examination with Merit,studied in Musicians Institute (MI Japan) , did a TVC for Sony Bravia, did a soundtrack for Online series LUMINA and is currently collaborating with musicians from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, America, Russia, India, England and the rest of the world.