19th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 7 June, 2012
Time: 9:30pm
Place: The Wanch, 54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Admission: Free

Our next show, 19th in the series, brings together a few bands that has been laying low of late (except for one that’s been super busy)!

* Pandora
* In Love & Pain!
* Innisfallen

– Pandora
我們都是一群樂觀,熱血,努力的年青人, 希望可以用音樂去激勵大家去追求自己的夢想, 用自己一雙手去打造自己理想的未來!

正式組成於2010年 10月. Fully formed in October 2010.
信念(Our Belief) – “希望 & 夢想“ (Hopes and Dreams).


– In Love & Pain!
In Love And Pain!, the alternative music journey when Kid, Henry, Satva and Marvin decided to make the noise in their heads come true.

Without any concrete directions, the foursome started rehearsing and has kept finding their ideas, styles and forms, and giving as much energy as possible to all their songs. Having gigs almost every week, In Love And Pain! is becoming one of the most sought-after indie bands in Hong Kong.

In Love And Pain! are: Henry(Guitar/Vocal), Kid(Guitar/Vocal), Marvin(Drums/Vocal), Satva(Bass/Vocal)


– Innisfallen
innisfallen 曾參與不同位單位主辦的演出,包括獨立廠牌89268、OFTEN 2010 有機公平貿易音樂節和各大學的周年表演,亦曾外訪澳門、廣州和北京,更在跨地域合輯T(h)ree 裡和葡萄牙勁旅 Olga 合作。還有以專輯主打 “Butterfly Effect” 及 “Hair Stings” 製作的音樂錄像,獲得甚高評價。以完全獨立自資的樂隊來說,innisfallen 這幾年可算是獲得豐收。

2011 年innisfallen 的成員有所變動,現時的陣容為 Erik Piece (主音/結他/鍵琴/電腦編曲),Mike (貝斯/和音),Johan (結他) 及 Jon(鼓及敲擊)。

經過一整年的休息和重組後,innisfallen 將於2012 重新出發,目標是製作新專輯,以及參與更多大型的音樂節,以求在有限的時間裡做出最好的成績。他們希望會在之後的大小演出見到大家,也推動一下他們快快發專輯。

A local favourite, alternative rock group consisting of Erik Piece (vocal/guitar/keys/prog), Mike (bass/vocals), Hon (guitar/vocals) and Jon (drums/percussion). The band has performed at various shows around Greater China.