15th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: October 6 2011 Thursday
Time: 9:30pm
Location: The Wanch, 54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Admission: Free

Line Up:

Heta Uma
The Hurricane
Life was all silence

OWK 是一隊來自中國香港的獨立搖滾樂隊,成員包括主音及結他手Pata Chan,結他手Kenny Lai,低音結他手Milton Cheng以及鼓手Donald Wong。 樂隊成立於200X,經過多次的成員變動,在2010的春季組成了現在的骨幹陣容。OWK只想做好的音樂

OWK is an independent rock band from Hong Kong. Members include lead singer and guitarist Pata Chan, guitarist Kenny Lai, bass guitarist Milton Cheng & drummer Donald Wong. The band was established in 200X, after several membership changes, formed in spring of 2010, is now the backbone of the team. OWK just want to make good music.

Heta Uma

更重要的是﹐每當我們覺得很害怕、軟弱、失去自我的時候﹐音樂把我們的心重新燃點起來。我們不再害怕跟真實的自己交鋒, 跟真實的自己溝通。


人群與人群之間的排擠﹐孤立和絕望﹐對職權,教育制度和社會制度的漠視和不信任﹐諷刺和幽默感﹐不信任真愛,但同時候又不願放棄追求著真愛與和平﹐性愛和性幻想….等等…這些都是能從Heta Uma的音樂世界裡面體會到的….

The Hurricane
Angela (Vocal), Felix (Keyboard), Samson 阿昌(Drums), Leo (Guitar), Arthur (Bass)

The Hurricane成立於2006年初夏,曲風雖以poprock為主,但亦擅於把各種音樂風格如Alternative、funk及Jazz等元素融入創作之中,


年來,The Hurricane在不同的樂隊比賽中屢獲殊榮。

2010年,The Hurricane獲邀參與香港旅發局主辦之「香港龍舟節‧生力暢飲樂園」之大型戶外演出,
樂隊亦獲不同媒體訪問,包括香港電台,亞洲電視,Re:spect紙談音樂雜誌及bc Magazine等。

2010年8月,The Hurricane推出首張專輯《Close to the Wind》,收錄六首原創作品,由香港獨立音樂廠牌89268發行,
現已於香港唱片、HMV、CD Warehouse等各大唱片店有售。

Founded in 2006, The Hurricane are Angela (vocals), Felix (keyboards) and Samson (drums). On course to releasing their debut album “Close to the Wind” in September 2010, they have picked up a number of awards including merit awards at the Hong Kong Teenage Band Competition 2006, Champion & Best Keyboardist Award in Hong Kong Caritas Power Performance Band Competition 2008 and were voted “My favorite Band” by the members of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in the All Youngster Band Competition 2009.

Inspired by the trivia of everyday life, songs produced by The Hurricane can embrace the diversity of humanity and life in general. The band aspires to convey positive perspectives through the universal language of music. Hearts and souls are captured in the melody and lyrics. The audience will be happily trapped by The Hurricane!

Life Was All Silence
Experimental, Improvise

Life Was All Silence is an instrumental band composed of Leaf on bass guitar, Frank on keyboard and Travis on drum. Starting with lo-fi, improvised home recordings, the trio blends live instrumentation with electro-acoustic, incorporate electronics, loop pedals, sansula, LWAS creates metronomic sound with subtle changes in beat and rhythm.

During the downtime in the fall of 2009, three members began improvising in their studio and came to an idea to play something atmospheric and minimal. LWAS caught attention from opening slot for Arms and Sleepers and Macbeth. Absent in vocalist, guitarist, the trio liberate spacious and expansive soundscape. Melancholic, fragile and emotional charged live performance brings audience a spiritual music journey.