14th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 4 August 2011
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:
Mervyn Chan

Say You Care

Say You Care是一隊成立於2009年8月的香港獨立Power-Pop樂團。由主音Quentin,結他手Victor,低音結他手Kevin,鼓手Joe組成。


Say You Care is a Hong Kong indie Power-Pop band founded in August 2009, it consists vocalist Quentin Leung, guitarist Victor Chan, bassist Kevin Lip, and drummer Joe Ng.
The concept of the band is very simple: If you care about something or someone, don’t hesitate & hide, Say You Care! This is what we wish to deliver to our audience.


Kisses From My Grandpa

Hailing from the urban metropolis of Hong Kong, Kisses From My Grandpa produces music of diversity identical to the variance of the city which conceived it. The sonic spectrum of KFMG’s musical expression ranges from relaxing passages of lounge music accompanied by a shaker to destructive walls of guitars intensified with a bombardment of blast beats. Kisses From My Grandpa is the collective brainchild of guitarists Justin Kwan and Caleb Cho. It was created to provide a unrestrained musical outlet, and has produced music best labeled as, Progressive and Experimental Metal. Shortly after its conception, Kevin Woo was recruited to perform percussion and vocal duties, completing the original line up of Kisses From My Grandpa. Mostly active in the Hong Kong Underground circuit, the band has performed with acts such as The Reds, The Shadows of the Venturers, Mourn The Loss, and Hong Kong guitar legend Teddy Robin etc. Kisses From My Grandpa has just released their debut full-length “The Human Condition” on June 24, 2010.