11th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 3 March 2011
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:
走馬燈/Zhou Ma Deng

Zhou Ma Deng is a four-piece Hong Kong indie band, which takes its name from a type of Chinese lantern that is known for its moving imagery and festive association. The band hopes their music can have a similar effect, and evoke a scene that transverses imagination and reality. Blending each member’s favorite music genres into a big melting pot, Zhou Ma Deng’s music sees hints of alternative rock, nu metal and opera rock. Originally formed in 2003 as a creative outlet for Virtual and Stanley, the band saw its current form when both drummer and bassist and longtime friends returned to Hong Kong. Taking things seriously from September of 2010, the band hopes to bring listeners along for a ride that they won’t soon forget.

Guitarist: Virtual Leung
Vocalist: Stanley Siu
Bassist: Edwin Lo
Drums: Aaron Chow

Time Traveller

The Time Travller is a rock band formed in summer 2009. Our music is influenced by lots of different styles, generating become our own indie British Rock style. We are trying to keep our music simple but innovative to let the audiences have the space to taste.

Roy- Bass
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The Grand Experiment

“The Grand Experiment is a grand experiment”…. [editor: no shit]

Vocal/Guitar: Rickel
Bass: SiuKeung
Guitar: Franky
Drums: Wing
Keys: Mercedes

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Papercoin is an Electronic/Punk band from Hong Kong, formed in 2009. The principal members of the band are AJ Ballard (Vocals, Bass), John Strohschein (Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards), and Sanjay Leese (Drums), also including lead guitarists Joey Orduna, Morgan Mok (2009-2010) and Ollie Chen (2010). We are currently unsigned, and all of our songs are self-produced.

Our first release was the self-titled ‘Papercoin EP’, which came out in June 2010 and featured songs such as ‘Light A Fire’ and ‘Fallout’. Our second release, a self-produced, full-length album titled ‘The Noise From Insomnia’ was released on December 24, 2010.

Members: AJ Ballard, John Strohschein, Sanjay Leese, Joey Orduna, Ollie Chen (2010), Morgan Mok (2009-2010)
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