10th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 10 February 2011
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:

MAsquer was formed in the year of 2008. They had been doing musics and live performance for many years, Their old songs are more like heavy rock in genre. 零 (zero) to them means to start all over their music journey again with the new elements and old experiences in their coming tunes.


Jukator was formed from the ashes of D.A.F., with the intent to break free from the shadow of the past. Jukator, meaning “player” in Romanian, marks our rebirth and re-enlightenment in music – music the way we want to play, in the hands of Jukator, the player, 5 members, but 1 soul.

Sea Monsters

Based on the policy of “Freer and No flatter music”, this band formed in 2001 by Ogura (from Very Ape) and Koya (from Speed King and Helter Skelter). They recruited a guitar player from the newspaper, and Ito joined to the band. While they were making all efforts to compose original songs, they joined a band competition by Tom Lee Music. Though almost no one dare to play experimental music in Hong Kong, Ito was awarded as the best guitar player. In order to expand their music, Akiyama on turntables joined in 2002.