9th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 6 January 2011
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:
Funhouse Brownies

Funhouse Brownies is a funk/rock/pop band formed by 3 energetic teens, Vincent, Terence & Matthew.
The idea that ‘guys in band get the chicks’ dawned upon us in September 2009 and, as hormone-driven as most teens are, the 3 of us decided to jam together and make some music!! We devoted all our excessive sexual energy into our music and created some funky and exciting tunes that energizes people like redbulls. We have had ourselves a great time playing these gigs and we are just not about to stop doing what we’re doing anytime soon!!


Chiwai, Joe, Sammer, Carina , Keik於2008年12月組成Twisterella*, 其後結他手Carina離隊. 樂隊初期風格較為清新輕鬆,其後漸漸加入電子,nosie等元素讓樂隊有更多的變化,但依舊以旋律為主導.

2010 年5月Keik離隊, 同年9月Ayumi加入.

The Mooches

The Mooches are nothing but a bunch of thugs, creeps, thieves and cheats with no honour, morals or social graces; Mercenaries who will grace a shindig with their presence for any cause. To their credit they don’t demand a fee for their services but will exploit drinks tickets and guest list entry for the circus of decadent freaks that accompany them to each psychotic sermon. Unassuming and polite, a mooch is the one dissing your band from the crowd, stealing your equipment and jacking your wallets after they drink you under the table and leave you in a puddle of your own vomit.