8th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 2 December 2010
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free

Line Up:
Motion Fades

Apart from being a part of indie rock band Chochukmo, Mike had his solo acoustic project, Motion fades, started in the Autumn of 2006. With his love in music such as Bossa Nova, Jazz and Ballad, Motion Fades has since provided a perfect platform for him to write and sing whatever he feels.

And now he’s on his own with his voice and his low-priced Takamine guitar, performing in any places from huge rock venues to small pubs lying around any street corners. By his voice and rhythms, he wants to deliver the sentiments he experiences in every day’s life.


Formed in late 2008, Halcyon consisted of Stephen, Ming and Tat and started out as a pop rock band with elements of ambient rock and punk. During mid 2009, we invited Keyboard player Sandy to complete the quartet enrichening vocals and the overall sound of the band. Since then, Halcyon has been writing songs of different styles, taking influence from many genres and have been constantly developing our own sound. After 2 years of live shows and recording, and the latest of our work, “Outphaser’s Dance”, bassist Tat departed and replaced with new bassist, BK. With this line-up change and new inspiration, we hope to keep on producing unique music.


每個人心裡面都住著一個小孩,而音樂像鑰匙,可以打開人與人之間的心門。他們的個性可以很乖,也可以很怪,但他們都貪玩,希望發掘未知的可能。風格、類型… 有時根本不重要嘛~ 只是一定要真心地面對一切。對了,KIDRACE就是這個樣子!