6th Bunny Warren Showcase

Date: Thursday 7 October 2010

Time: 9:30pm
Location: The Wanch, 54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Admission: Free

This month we bring you something unusual but which, as always, will be highly entertaining. All the bands in our October show will be playing acoustic sets – see your favourite bands like never before.

Line Up:

Indiago is an acoustic duo with Oscar (Guitar), Dawn (Vocal and Keyboard) delivering a refreshing blend of dark and intense tunes.

It all started while Dawn was tutoring Oscar, when, after the regular sunday afternoon lessons they would take out their guitar and start playing. After writing a few songs, they decided to share their music with everyone.

This would also be Indiago’s last performance.

Summer Junkiez

Summer Junkiez was formed in 2008 when four beach loving Lautau boys decided to get together to make some music. They soon attracted public attention by winning the 2008 Asian Beat Hong Kong championship and then Best Vocalist at the subsequent international final. The band spent the last year taking a break when a member went overseas to study – it is now back, together with a new bass player and making its first full set appearance here at the Bunny Warren Showcase doing an unusual acoustic set.

Summer Junkiez is made up of Anthony (vocal), James (guitar), Keith (drums) & Matthew (bass).

The David Bowie Knives

The David Bowie Knives has been administering aural sex for a number of years in one guise or another and are in fact so sexy that they are even more sexier than Angelina Jolie in a wet t-shirt competition. We didn’t used to be…but now we are. FACT! We are influenced by all the good things in rock and roll, for example whisky and loud noises, and are really looking forward to bringing the ruckus again! See you at the front…..and make sure you bring tissues! Peace out!

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