5th Bunny Warren Showcase

Upcoming show – 5th BUNNY WARREN SHOWCASE

Date: Thursday 2 September 2010

Time: 9:30pm
Location: The Wanch, 54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Admission: Free

Line Up:
Darkness Pool

After several reformations, Darkness Pool was officially formed in November 2006, and the band now consists of 5 members: John (Vocalist), Don(Guitarist), Erik(Guitarist), P (Bassist) and Venom (Drummer). According to their definition, “Darkness Pool” can be defined as “a pool of heavy sounds”, which are best illustrated in their productions. Their songs contain a wide varitey of elements ranging from hardrock to metal, and with the wild, powerful vocal from John. Besides utilizing their creative minds in the studio, the band will also participate in many competitions in future. So keep your ears open for them, dive deep down the pool and see what you’ll get !

The Lovesong

The Lovesong exploded upon the Hong Kong scene in 2004 with their unique blend of punk rock, hardcore, soul and noise, which often features unusual and dissonant chords and progressions, whilst adhering to strong melodies and intricate timings.

Following the demise of seminal indie rock band Whence He Came, guitarist Ephraim Bano and bassist Nic Tse teamed up with vocalist/guitarist Ben Tse and drummer Lee Yat Ding, where the four of them turned to, and drew inspiration from, the American punk/hardcore roots of their teenage years.

Over the past years, the band has had the honour of playing an enviable list of shows, the more memorable being: opening up for Nine Inch Nails at AsiaWorld-Expo, playing before The Young Knives at Clockenflap, representing Hong Kong at Le French May festival 2008, being invited to perform at Midi (China’s largest outdoor festival), and opening up for Japanese post-rockers Toe. They also embarked upon a little South East Asia tour in 2007 with good friends Tookoo (Beijing), where they played to more than 2000 people at Singapore’s Baybeats Festival, as well as experiencing their first stage dives in front of a passionate Kuala Lumpur crowd.


成立了4年的Matchbox,隊員包括主音結他手亞樂, 和音lead結他手亞邦及bass手傑仔。

Matchbox於2006年10月組成,起組時只有主音及結他手亞樂及結他手亞邦, 及後才加入bass, 音樂風格以acoustic及unplugged為主。

負責敲擊的鼓手Joey加入, 為Matchbox注入了更多不同的拍子元素, 也成了今天的五人樂隊,Matchbox 也邀請了兩位熱愛音樂的好友一起擦出音樂上的火花, 包括以喜歡Standard英文歌的女Vocal Rachel Lui。

Matchbox除了演唱重新編排的中英流行曲外, 亦不泛自家創作的歌曲, 包括有 “Independence”, “what have I done”, “Dead end”, “Brand new day”等。

MatchBox成立兩年多以來,曾於各大小型商場及場地演出,包括新世界中心,IFC, 時代廣場, 朗豪坊, 新太陽廣場,星光大道等; 其他演出經驗 包括AIA環球嘉年華, 我們承諾”原創live band show等。

希望透過歌曲及演出, 表達與分享MatchBox的音樂和喜悅。

Founded in October 2006, Matchbox initially consists of the vocalist and guitarist- Lok, lead in harmonizing and guitarist – Bon, and the bass guitarist – Keath. Matchbox’s music style has all along been acoustic and unplugged. Until 2010, the drummer – Joey joined in and thus instilled new elements of beats into Matchbox’s music. 2 new music enthusiasts were involved in Matchbox, including Rachel, the vocalist who loves classic English songs,

Besides rearranging numerous renowned Cantonese and English songs, Matchbox has “home-made” their own masterpieces, including “Independence”, “What have I done”, “Dead end”, “Brand New Day” etc.

Since its formation, the band’s mission is to convey the joy of enjoying music through their music performances. Thereby, Matchbox has performed in various shopping malls, including New World Centre, IFC, Times Square, Langham Place, The Sun Arcade, the Avenue of Stars. Other performances include performing at the AIA World Carnival and other live band shows.

Past Shows (coming soon)