ANWIYCTI music video

February 6, 2014

ANWIYCTII was going to make mention of the newer Imagine Imagine Records artist ANWIYCTI releasing a music video of the song “X”. Then I never got back into writing news for some time. Anyways, since then the iii label also saw one of their hottest current artist Fantastic Day’s album charting in Japan. Back to ANWIYCTI, the unique and surprisingly refreshing band feature 3 bass guitars because they found out that works out really swell. And fresh from them, a music video of the song “Many But One” will be appearing soon prior to imminent release of their album.

I know you all already know. ANWIYCTI stands for “A New World If You Can Take It” and their debut show was on the Clockenflap stage. No small feat. -b-

Originally published on Bunny Warren, “Indie news on the indie scene in Hong Kong”.

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