D’in Cheung digital releases

January 3, 2014

DinCheungOverAndGetOverD’in Cheung, who came through metal, and now a rock and pop artist, just released his solo digital album “Over And Get Over” on the major digital channels (here is the one on spotify) before the end of the year. The eager Cheung is now seen doing solo shows as well as working with his full band 9am. Having a bag full of original materials, he decided that he would make just one more solo album (find more of his stuff here) and release before the end of the year digitally, working with the close friends who contribute. If you’re the perfectionist who needs to have something you clinch onto in your hands, the CD would be released in a few months. -b-

Originally published on Bunny Warren, “Indie news on the indie scene in Hong Kong”.


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