Street punk Defiant Scum Hong Kong-themed MV

December 17, 2013

DefiantScumDaiPaiDongDefiant Scum are very well-known for writing songs with themes about Hong Kong, their home (all four of the expats). If you go to the youtube page you’re also served the wiki entry of the song title “Dai Pai Dong 大排檔”, clearly a band of connoisseurs. The song is a heartfelt praise of what is obviously one of their favourite pass time. And it was filmed while their previous bass player Kuro was still in the lineup. Kuro is apparently no longer living in Hong Kong, and has been replaced by Markus, making the whole band, by now, half German.

For the uninitiated, the band have a rather long history and release under their belt, as well as the recent “Year Of The Rat” EP. If you go to one of their shows, you would enjoy watching close friends/fans chanting “oi” or clean singing along with them, fists in the air. -b-

Originally published on Bunny Warren, “Indie news on the indie scene in Hong Kong”.

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