KillerSoap new video ahead of China show

April 16, 2012

Using this pic because it seems to be their favourite to use.

Ahead of their performance at the Strawberry Music Festival 2012, 8 stages over three days, KillerSoap released a music video of “Love Me For Who I Am”, a putonghua song. The song was rumoured to be released even before the album release, but this is also excellent timing. It is a fine dramatic piece that should get your attention in terms of possible nudity and some fine hairdos. Needless to say, it’s also released to China channels. The song itself has been racking up excellent weibo hits. May be this is additional reason for you to hit one of the biggest festivals in China. -b-

Originally published on Bunny Warren, “Indie news on the indie scene in Hong Kong”.

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